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Odesa, Ukraine
Agronomichna street, 205
Tel. +380 (48) 796-52-00

Pig breeding

The foundation of our success is the control of quality through the whole industrial process: from grain to piglet, from piglet to your dinner table.
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Meat processing

Quality is our highest priority. In the meat processing industry, HACCP, a systematic preventive approach to food safety, is introduced.
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Crop activities are focused on cultivation of agricultural land of the company located in Ivanivsky and Velykomikhaylivsky districts of Odessa region. We grow wheat, barley, maize mostly for own use, namely, to make the fodder.
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20 years on the market of meat

We are a dynamic company, which exists on the market for over 20 years. We believe that the quality of food directly affects the quality of life, so our chief aim is to provide residents of the southern Ukraine with wide range of meat of domestic production and of the best quality.
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More than 80 stores
Meat-processing plant of 5000+ m²
All fodder for animals is of own production
Own logistics between the places of distribution

Our brands

TM "Vladivske Podvirya" is a brand of our butchers. There we sell pork grown at a pig farm, and a wide range of other sorts of meat from leading national producers.
Also, there you will be offered spices, oils, sauces, dressings - just everything that you may need to cook meat.
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TM "Vladivsky Kurchata" is our brand of meat products cooked on the grill. Incredibly tasty, delicate and juicy meat is a result of German marinating technology and professionalism of our cooks.
In the best traditions of German cuisine our employees grill chicken, pork, duck and a variety of sausages.

Contact information

Main office:
65031, Odesa, Agronomicha str, 205
+380 (48) 796-52-00
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